Moses had the words.

Aaron had the voice.

I'm your Aaron.

Jay Prichard

Voiceover Narrator Talent - With My Own Recording Studio

Just email me your script, and I'll return ready-to-go audio to you!

Dallas, Fort Worth, TX ... and the world!



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Voiceover Production Services Include
eLearning Voiceover Narration
Explainer Video Voiceover
Marketing Video Voiceover
Corporate Video Voiceover
Compliance Training Voiceover
Technology Video Voiceover
Legal Video Voiceover
Audiobook Narration
Documentary, Film, TV, & Commercial Voiceovers

Independent Talent

Just call me direct, and let's make it happen.
  No union constraints
  No agency fees
  No middle man

US English American Male Voiceover Talent Artist

Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, TX ...
and the world!



VOICEOVERS (partial list)

  I am based in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX, but I work remotely with clients worldwide.
  Project Producer
  40+ Audiobooks Various Authors & Genres
  Kellogg Safety eLearning Replicopy  
  Kellogg Emergency eLearning Replicopy  
  Frito Lay Safe Driver eLearning Replicopy
  Hertz Open Enrollment Videos Global Consulting Partners
  Hertz PaySlip Explainer Videos Global Consulting Partners
  Intel Developer eLearning Series viaLanguage  
  Toyota of Ardmore Commercial Train Media Group, OK
  Rodmill Coiler eLearning Tory Hord Consulting
  DOT Alcohol Awareness Compliance Training Compliance Educators, LA
  DOT Drug Awareness Compliance Training Compliance Educators, LA
  DOT CG Phone System Prompts Compliance Educators, LA
  CE Phone System Prompts Compliance Educators, LA
  Budget Trucker Phone System Prompts Compliance Educators, LA
  Service Technician eLearning Association of Water Technologies  
  Properties of Water eLearning Association of Water Technologies  
  Boiler Equipment eLearning Association of Water Technologies  
  Cooling Systems eLearning Association of Water Technologies  
  Water Treatment Components eLearning Association of Water Technologies  
  Water Treatment Components eLearning Association of Water Technologies  
  Basic Water Chemistry eLearning Association of Water Technologies  
  DM eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  SM eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  VAN ANOW eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  NA AWP eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  EAP/AS eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  SLT eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  TC eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  EC eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  GAMC eLearning Series Rent-A-Center  
  4G eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  Coaching Training Rent-A-Center  
  Retaining Customers Training Rent-A-Center  
  SIMS eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  Proper Service Call eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  Proper Delivery eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  ANOW Portal eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  1G eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  Web Order Conversions Rent-A-Center  
  MDP eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  Revenue & Profit Log eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  Monthly Projection eLearning Rent-A-Center  
  Get It Now Commercial Rent-A-Center  
  Home Choice Commercial Rent-A-Center  
  Child Safety Upon Parental Arrest Training Lexipol Praetorian Digital  
  Domestic Violence Training Lexipol Praetorian Digital  
  OHV Enforcement Training Lexipol Praetorian Digital  
  Missing Persons Amber Alert Training Lexipol Praetorian Digital  
  Persons with Mental Impairment Training Lexipol Praetorian Digital  
  Safe Pursuit Training Lexipol Praetorian Digital  
  Child Abuse Training Lexipol Praetorian Digital  
  Hate Crimes Training Lexipol Praetorian Digital  
  Legal Training Lexipol Praetorian Digital  
  LGBTQ Community Training Lexipol Praetorian Digital  
  Legacy Leadership Awards Texas A&M University  
  Food and Agriculture United Nations Video Texas A&M University  
  Belo Mansion Inaugural Dallas Bar Association / Rick Bell - Platinum Point Media
  Texas High School Mock Trial Competition Dallas Bar Association / Rick Bell - Platinum Point Media
  National Rarities/Brody Jewelers Commercial Bottom Line Black Marketing
  Thacker Jewelry Commercial Bottom Line Black Marketing
  The Exercise Coach Marketing Video TwinFlux Media / Novalex Consulting
  Versitron Corporate Video Optical Networks Daily - London  
  Renaissance Methodology Marketing Video C-Level Global Marketing & Sales Consulting
  BCG Corporate Video Charly Communications Company - Paris, France
  Dutch Children English Teaching Black Box Studios - The Netherlands
  "Blood Dimmed Tide" (voiced Oscar) New Fiction Audio Books - Hollywood, CA
  CRoS eLearning Enterprise Products Partners  
  CRoS Marine eLearning Enterprise Products Partners  
  CRoS Shipyard eLearning Enterprise Products Partners  
  Inventory Product Marketing Video FTI Groups  
  Dispatch Product Marketing Video FTI Groups  
  Events Product Marketing Video FTI Groups  
  Fleet Product Marketing Video FTI Groups  
  SureFleet Training Series FTI Groups  
  SureDispatch Training Series FTI Groups  
  Pelican Mouth Training Series FTI Groups  
  TowPartners Training Series FTI Groups  
  Skudo System Training David Adams TV  
  Hunter Firearm eLearning Education Kalkomey Enterprises  
  Bowhunter eLearning Education Kalkomey Enterprises  
  Advanced Buyer Preferences Tutorial Group MarketShare / Retego Data  
  Halliburton FRAC Tool eLearning Grfx Post  
  Monitoring System Demo Metricly  
  Cost System Demo Metricly  
  Courtroom Patent Tutorial - Bank Nix, Patterson, & Roach, L.L.P.  
  Courtroom Patent Tutorial - Internet Nix, Patterson, & Roach, L.L.P.  
  Courtroom Patent Tutorial - Datacom Nix, Patterson, & Roach, L.L.P.  
  Courtroom Patent Tutorial - Cryptograph Nix, Patterson, & Roach, L.L.P.  
  Courtroom Patent Tutorial - Computer Courtroom Sciences Inc.  
  "01" Feature Film (voiced 01) Grey Filmworks
  "Star Trek: Paradise Makers" (Mr. Spock) Gaston Huckabay  
  TABC (voiced Brian the Brain) Comedy Defensive Driving  
  TABC (voiced Sammy the Small Intestine) Comedy Defensive Driving  
  Alcon Labs Training Conde Advertising of Los Angeles  
  AudioPress Marketing Video LaunchSquad - San Francisco, CA
  Skye Texas Realty Commercial Chad Blakeman  
  Awards Show Announcer Kindle Communications  
  Bank of Texas Commercial Studios 121  
  Int'l Assoc Biz Communicators Studios 121  
  Life Partners Inc Marketing Video Dead Men Productions
  TCC Commercial Tarrant County College
  TCC World View Tarrant County College
  CommNet Supply Telmar NT  
  American Bldg Systems Int'l Storied Productions
  Cumberland Presby Children's Home Storied Productions
  TxDOT Cotulla TX Toxey/McMillan Design Associates
  Home Theater Tech Commercial 1 HTT
  Home Theater Tech Commercial 2 HTT
  Home Theater Tech Commercial 3 HTT
  Home Theater Tech Commercial 4 HTT
  Home Theater Tech Commercial 5 HTT
  Steve Bergenholtz Promo Hobie Thompson  
  Smokey Bones Restaurant HR Edwards Digital Media  
  Big Shield Protection R Carpenter, LA  
  Capital Protection Group R Carpenter, LA  
  Credit Answers Fzzz! Media / Barking Harley Prod
  Stretch For Life DVD Kcreative  
  MPW Studios Promo Media Production Works  
  BCS Message On-Hold Business Control Systems  
  Fred Parrish Promo Camina Entertainment  
  Interactive Voice Response IVR GTE GTEXT Telemessenger  
5' 11"
190 lbs
43R Athletic

FILM / TV (partial list)

  01 (Zero One) Starring - 01 Kareem Gray
  The Collector Starring - Dad William Booth / Niko Red Star
  No Change Starring - Sex Addict Jeff Adair
  Stop Calling Me (sitcom) Starring - Divorced Network Tech Michael Shriro
  Coffee Cup * Starring - Male Chauvinist Kenneth Majeno
  Interrogation Starring - Psycho Serial Killer Greg Mansur
  Nine Lives * Starring - Psycho Serial Killer Katie Rooney
  Hard Rain Starring - Alcoholic Husband Greg Mansur
  Like Brother, Like Sun Starring - Protective Brother Greg Mansur
  Tatiana ABL (Music Video) Starring - Prince Charming Clay Luther
  Close Call Starring - Stalker Rapist Laila Talley
  JFK: Inside Target Car (TV) Supporting - Agent Sam Kinney The Discovery Channel
  JFK: The Ruby Connection (TV) Supporting - Detective The Discovery Channel
  Pastor Shepherd Supporting - Attorney Edwin L. Marshall
  The Gospel Truth Supporting - Evangelist Jay Shirtz / Jeff Niems
  Having My Baby Supporting - Construction Boss Les Branson
  Project Clear Vision Supporting - Sinister Gov't Doctor Jonathan Van Voorhees
  Joseph - The Hard Life Supporting - High School Teacher Chad Madden
  Writhing In Rouge Supporting - Psycho Serial Killer Katie Dunn
  3 Lives of Nico Supporting - Billionaire Ron Becks
  The Pressure Switch Supporting - Police Officer Avanti Sethi
  Deception Supporting - Minister Ray Hosack
  D-Town Supporting - Priest Jim Hart
  Four Walls Supporting - Reporter Kirby Stuart
  7 Days Across America Supporting - News Anchor (VO) Patrick Cone


  Training: TABC Principal VOC - Professor Dingeldang Comedy Defensive Driving
  Training: Defensive Driving Principal VOC - Master Grill Sergeant Comedy Defensive Driving
  Training: Amphora Sales Principal VOC - Business Client Andrew Patterson / Film Patterson
  Training: Thomas Reprographics HR Principal VOC - Office Manager Blue Ocean
  Training: Alcon Labs Principal VOC - Sales Rep Conde Advertising of Los Angeles
  Training: ESL Principal VOC - ESL Teacher Batiz Enterprises
  Caliber Home Loans Principal VOC - Dad Restrung Lefty Prod's- Tom More
  Heroes For Children Principal VOC - Husband / Dad Stephen Batts
  Let The Conversation Begin Principal VOC - Business Man JustSayGo Films
  U.S. Catholic / Episcopal Principal VOC - Abuse Victim Fusion Productions
  The Beam Foundation Principal VOC - Spokesperson Pegasus Logistics Group
  Ed Miracle / Miracles Art Video Principal VOC - Spokesperson C Darwin Ferrier
  Versitron Principal VOC - Spokesperson Optical Networks Daily
  Overweb3D Principal VOC - Spokesperson NuMedia Ventures
  White Rock Networks (3x) Principal VOC - Spokes / Prod. Demo Optical Networks Daily
  Telecom Techniques Corp. Principal VOC - Spokes / Prod. Demo Telecom Techniques Corp.
  Snap Bagger (2x) Principal VOC - Spokes / Prod. Demo She-Edison
  Tradeshows (many) Spokesperson / Host / Product Demo Multiple
  All types of events Emcee Multiple
  Game Show Mania Game Show Host All Star Productions
  Jokers Wild Improv Improv Comedian All Star Productions
  20 years of experience speaking with customers, doing corporate videos, product training videos, and presenting at tradeshows.
  Conflicts available upon request


  Pasta-Palooza Stewpot (from South Pacific) UCD Theater
  A Grand Night For Singing Soloist, Dancing UCD Theater
  Guys and Dolls Angie The Ox Eisemann Center
  Dubious Deeds of a Dentist Detective Surly City House Players
  Live From Plano 2005 Soloist Plano Courtyard Theater
  The Shadow Box Lead - Brian Calhoun Theater
  Golden Revue Soloist Calhoun Theater
  Mata Hari Speaking, Singing Beaumont Community Theater


  Michele Condrey Film Acting / Meisner Dallas / Fort Worth
  Cathryn Hartt On-Camera, Film, Improv Dallas / Fort Worth
  Lar Park Lincoln On-Camera, Cold Reading Dallas / Fort Worth
  Toni Cobb Brock Auditioning Dallas / Fort Worth
  Jeanne Everton Commercials Dallas / Fort Worth
  Donise Hardy, C.S.A. Commercials Dallas / Fort Worth
  Bettye Zoller Voiceover Dallas / Fort Worth
  Bettye Zoller Voiceover Audiobooks Dallas / Fort Worth
  Joe Chapa Light Combat Dallas / Fort Worth
  Donatelle Mascari On-Camera Make-up for Actors Dallas / Fort Worth
  Vic Koegel The Executive Presenter Dallas / Fort Worth
  Film Script Readings Dallas Screenwriters Association Dallas / Fort Worth



  AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE by the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association 2008 for film COFFEE CUP
  BEST COMEDY at NLC Video Festival 2007 for film COFFEE CUP
  AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE by the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association 2007 for film NINE LIVES
  BEST DRAMA at NLC Video Festival 2006 for film NINE LIVES
  VIEWERS CHOICE AWARD at NLC Video Festival 2006 for film NINE LIVES


  Improv Comedy Sing Bass (range C2 to E4) Teleprompter
  Roulette Dealer Sales and Marketing Engineering / Computer Degree
  Some Piano & Trumpet On-camera make-up Light Combat

Corporate / Marketing / Technical Resume (PDF version) 

Promotions & Live Entertainment Resume (PDF version)







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