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Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, TX ...
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Raised in Tennessee and southeast Texas, I was in the band (played trumpet), choir (sang Bass), orchestra, drama, and handbell choir. This is me playing Vivaldi's "Allegro" as a Handbell solo, with Linda McKechnie as accompanist:


Even in high school, I was producing my first short films directing, filming, and editing stories from THE BIBLE at church (using a Bell & Howell Super 8 mm camera - with SOUND!!!). I even created an animated short of two plaster-of-Paris guys attacking each other to the death. I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning manually splicing and taping film together using my trusty manual film splicer.

However, I also made straight A's in all of my advanced math and science classes, and I graduated at the top of my high school class. So what else does one do except go to college and get a degree in ... waaaaait for it ... waaaaait for it ...

... Electrical and Computer Engineering, from The University of Texas in Austin. And yep, I even graduated with Honors.

Port Lavaca, TX ...
Accepting scholarship to attend UT!
Austin, TX ...
Graduating from UT!


And then I spent ... well, let's just say "lots of years" in technical Product Marketing and Sales in the telecommunications and data communications industry.

My corporate employment allowed me to live and work in many places around the U.S., including:

    IBM, Charlotte, NC
    IBM, San Jose, NC
    GTE (Verizon), Phoenix, AZ
    GTE (Verizon), Honolulu, HI
    GTE (Verizon), Stamford, CT
    GTE (Verizon), Washington, DC
    Telecommunications Techniques, Germantown, MD
    Fujitsu Network Communications, Fairfax, VA
    Fujitsu Network Communications,  Dallas, TX
    ADC Telecommunications,  Dallas, TX
    White Rock Networks,  Dallas, TX

Co-op Engineer
Co-op Engineer
Product Test Engineer, ISDN
Central Office Conversion Engineer
Strategic Business Plan Analyst
Sales Engineer, IVR Systems
Product Marketing Engineer, SONET / DS3 / DS1
Systems Engineer, SONET / DS3 / DS1
Sr. Marketing Manager, WDM / SONET / DS3 /DS1
Sr. Manager, CLEC Account Marketing, ATM / SONET / SDH
Sr. Marketing Manager, WDM / SONET / DS3 / DS1


Click for my Corporate / Marketing / Technical Resume.

I was also able to travel and work short trips around the globe to places like Japan, South Korea, and Canada.

In Kyoto, Japan, performing ISDN product software verification testing

Partying on the streets of Nara, Japan, where beer is sold from vending machines!

6-month "work assignment" in Hawaii

I actually began my voiceover career years (and years) ago while I was working as a Sales Engineer and Systems Programmer for an Interactive Voice Response company (you know, those things when you call a company and the voice guides you to enter information over the phone). I would design and program the entire system for a customer, and then I would also be the voice for their system!

My corporate life also gave me the opportunity to do zillions of product and training presentations, both live and on-camera, for customers and at tradeshows, along with being a print model for numerous product brochures and print ads.

Print model for telecom equipment brochure

Live product demonstration at a tradeshow

Product demonstration video


As I became more and more known as "The Presentation Guy", I eventually left the corporate world to do acting (which I had done when I was just a young'un), and now I am an Actor and Voiceover Talent with my own recording and production studio.

I am also a bit of a singer (Bass), but mostly for choral stuff. I could always sing lower than anyone else in my high school or church choir. Below is a short clip of me singing an a cappella solo as "STEWPOT", from the South Pacific song "Nothin' Like A Dame", at a church fundraiser. It is written in a very odd minor key, and I progress all the way down to a B1 (the B BELOW a low C BELOW the Bass clef) ---  pretty dang low.



While working in the corporate world, I also received "on the job training" (i.e., learn everything as fast as you can, or get laid off) doing tradeshow management, event planning, computer graphics, web site design (and yep, I created my entire web site that you are now hopefully enjoying), and so much more.

I have been certified as a Personal Trainer through the world-famous Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX.

Oh, and I am considered by some as a PowerPoint Guru.




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